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Why Longview Graphics?


One of the reasons I have enjoyed all my years in the sign business has been the chance to ride through my city (or down the roads of North Carolina) and to take pride in seeing my work on display.  When the large local company where I worked for 36 years shut its doors, Longview Graphics became my way of producing work that is more permanent (and more important) than most of the signs I had made previously.


I truly enjoy, and am honored to work

personally with you to design &

create plaques for:


  • memorializing a loved one, friend, or pet

  • dedicating a tree, a garden, a room,  a building, a playground (or anything!)

  • thanking those involved in developing or donating to a project

  • special areas and projects for churches, schools, colleges and universities

  • identifying a historic house, building or district

  • identifying a business in an upscale and stylish manor

  • identifying rooms and way-finding with ADA-compliant signs

My goal is to give you the best and most personal service possible, and to assure that you get exactly the plaque you want at the most reasonable price I can give you!

All plaques are made in the USA

Thanks for giving me a chance to help with your project.

I sincerely look forward to working with you!     – Jim